frequently asked Questions

What is the idea behind Bébé Solutions?

Bébé Solutions, a company specializing in nature outings.

When you become parents, you find yourself buying lots of equipment that you don't need or that doesn't suit you. You have to try several products before finding the one that suits you.

When you buy a car, can you test it before buying? When you shop for shoes, you can also try them on, so why not do the same thing with baby gear?

Auré and Mike are two parents who LOVE hiking, from long weekend walks to doing 8 kilometers every day before work!

One day they had a little girl and not being able to continue this routine was simply UNIMAGINABLE. So, they looked for hiking equipment for their needs, but no one offered rentals. They wanted to test before buying.

This is where Bébé Solutions was born! During maternity leave, Auré decided to launch the business by offering rental: Thule-type double trolleys, Baby Jogger all-terrain strollers, carrying bags for hiking, etc.

By renting the equipment for a day or a weekend this allows you to see if your family REALLY needs this product and thus you save.

Questions about PremierSki stroller skis

How to install skis on your stroller?

Simple as well. No tools needed. Watch video .

What are the advantages of PremierSki vs a sled?

Good question!

1- you continue to use your stroller storage space for outings (snacks etc.
2- optimal comfort for baby: reclining backrest to admire the landscape or take a nap.
3- Baby is always in sight: no need to constantly turn around to check his presence.
4- you use your stroller even more since you can go in the snow easily now.
5- the skis are compact and easy to store in the trunk of the car. Unplanned outings are yours!

How many skis to buy?

It's simple :-)

If your stroller has three wheels, take a kit of three skis.

For a four-wheeled stroller, get four.

Do you have dual wheels?

No worries, PremierSkis are like ninjas, they adapt to everything. They can be put on a single or double wheel.

On a stroller with a double front wheel, the ski can attach to either one.

Are you wondering if you should use skis only on the front wheels or on all wheels?

If you plan to slalom around the city, skis on the front wheels will do the trick.

For optimal gliding on the snow, opt for skis on all wheels. Just a quick warning: you won't have access to the brakes.

Do I have to lock the position of one of the wheels when I use the skis?

No, you do not need to lock the position of one of your wheels when using the skis.

What wheel sizes do the skis work on?

The skis run on wheels from 4" (100mm) to 16" (406mm) in diameter and up to 2" (50mm) wide. They're like sneakers, they go with everything. But they can have trouble fitting slide on larger wheels.

Where to use these skis?

They are perfect on snowy and flat terrain.

Avoid slopes, ski slopes or deep snow. And of course, they can temporarily slide on asphalt and cement where there is little or no snow.

Brakes on skis?

No. So never leave your stroller unattended with the skis.

What if something breaks?

PremierSki offers full replacement of products and parts for up to one year after purchase.

Where are skis made?

PremierSkis are manufactured in Quebec, Canada. They are designed to withstand our extreme winters.

Who designed these wonders?

A great dad in 2006 who was tired of battling the snow with his stroller. The design has since been refined to what you see today.

What if you change your mind?

No problem. We offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase, as long as the skis are returned as new.

How is the collection of rented products carried out?

We are located in Longueuil.

We therefore only accept rentals in Longueuil and its surrounding areas.

We will contact you following your reservation to inform you of the pickup location.

Do you offer delivery of purchased products?

Yes delivery is free (for the moment 😉)