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Our mission is to simplify family travel (outdoors, vacations, weekends, etc.) by avoiding an unnecessary purchase!

All year round, each rental = trees planted with Trees Canada .
The only national charity dedicated to planting and protecting trees in rural and urban settings, in every province across the country.

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A rental in favor of the environment

In an ecological conscience, our equipment is purchased as a priority second hand when it is in very good condition, i.e. complies with safety, used very rarely (1 season) since purchase and stored in a dry place. . Otherwise we buy it new.

The brands we choose for rental are so-called high quality brands so that the equipment lasts over time such as Osprey, Thules, PremierSkis etc.

Before purchase, a careful inspection is carried out to ensure that the product is safe for our customers: brakes, wheels, seat belts, etc.

Between each rental the product is cleaned and disinfected with products that respect the environment.

In summary

  1. Go on a trip with less luggage to fully enjoy it with your family.
  2. Avoid investing in products for limited use.
  3. Find the equipment perfectly suited to your needs and your destination.
  4. Make smart consumption choices to avoid unnecessary waste.
  5. Test a product before buying it and be sure it is right for your family

A unique company

On April 2, 2024, our company distinguished itself by winning (first local prize in the Individual Services category or Women's Entrepreneurship Prize) as part of the 26th edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge.