Profite de l'Accès Gratuit aux Parcs Nationaux du Québec pour des aventures en plein air en famille! - Bébé Solutions

Take advantage of Free Access to Quebec National Parks for outdoor adventures with your family!

Are you looking for outdoor activities for you and your family? Good news ! Quebec's national parks offer free access three days a week until March 13, 2024. It's a perfect opportunity to explore nature and create memorable memories with your family, while saving money.

Here is the calendar of free days. You still have to buy a ticket online before going to the park.

December 2023

Monday December 18

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Tuesday December 19

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Wednesday December 20

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Wednesday December 27

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Thursday December 28

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Friday December 29

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January 2024

Wednesday January 3

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Thursday January 4

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Friday January 5

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Monday January 8

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Tuesday January 9

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Wednesday January 10

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Wednesday January 17

On sale from December 19

Thursday January 18

On sale from December 20

Friday January 19

On sale from December 21

Wednesday January 24

On sale from December 26

Thursday January 25

On sale from December 27

Friday January 26

On sale from December 28

Wednesday January 31

On sale from January 2

February 2024

Thursday February 1

On sale from January 3

Friday February 2

On sale from January 4

Monday February 5

On sale from January 7

Tuesday February 6

On sale from January 8

Wednesday February 7

On sale from January 9

Monday February 12

On sale from January 14

Tuesday February 13

On sale from January 15

Wednesday February 14

On sale from January 16

Wednesday February 21

On sale from January 23

Thursday February 22

On sale from January 24

Friday February 23

On sale from January 25

Tuesday February 27

On sale from January 29

Wednesday February 28

On sale from January 30

Thursday February 29

On sale from January 31

March 2024

Tuesday March 5

On sale from February 5

Wednesday March 6

On sale from February 6

Thursday March 7

On sale from February 7

Monday March 11

On sale from February 11

Tuesday 12 March

On sale from February 12

Wednesday March 13

On sale from February 13

Getting out in nature is beneficial for your physical and mental health, both for you and for your friends. This helps you reduce stress, improve your mood and promote an active lifestyle. Additionally, exposure to daylight and fresh air can contribute to better quality sleep for your little one.

Don't forget to bring suitable clothing, healthy snacks and water to stay well hydrated during your outdoor adventure. Also respect the rules and recommendations of national parks to ensure the safety of your family and the preservation of the natural environment.

Together, let's make nature an integral part of the education and well-being of our commies. Take advantage of free access to Quebec's national parks and share the magic of nature with your family today!

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