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How to protect your baby from the cold during your winter walks in Quebec?

The winter nature of Quebec is simply spectacular. The snow-covered trees, the crisp fresh air, the transformed all creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere that we cherish. But when you're a new mom, you wonder how to enjoy this beauty while keeping baby warm and safe.

Here are some tips to protect baby against the cold during your winter outings:

1. Dress your baby appropriately

It is essential to dress your baby in several layers of clothing to protect him from the intense cold. Start with a moisture-wicking garment, like polyester, to keep baby's skin dry. Then add a mid-layer for insulation, such as a wetsuit or down coat. Finally, a waterproof outer layer will help protect baby from wind and snow.

2. Protects the extremities

Baby's hands, feet and head are particularly vulnerable to the cold. Make sure to cover them with mittens, boots and a hat. Mittens are generally preferred over gloves because they keep the fingers together and provide better heat retention.

3. Use a winter-safe stroller

A stroller with a rain cover can help protect baby from wind and snow. Also consider using a blanket or sleeping bag specifically designed for strollers to add an extra layer of warmth.

4. Limit time spent outdoors

Even with the best preparation, it's best to limit the time your baby spends outside when it's very cold. Try to plan your outings for the hottest parts of the day and keep them short.

According to the Canadian Pediatric Association guidelines, it is suggested not to let a child play outside if the temperature, with or without wind, drops to -27°C or below. Likewise, it is recommended to limit time spent outdoors when the temperature reaches -15°C or lower. When it comes to babies, extra precaution is necessary, as they are at increased risk of hypothermia. Therefore, when it is particularly cold, they should only be outside for limited periods of time.

5. Be alert to signs of cold

Learns to recognize the signs that baby is cold, such as skin that is cold to the touch, a pale or red face, and irritability. If baby shows these signs, go indoors and warm him slowly.

With these tips you can enjoy winter nature with your baby in complete safety. By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your baby stays comfortable and safe during your winter walks.

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